Romania Expert Podcast

Transcript of Expert Podcast

The podcast in Romania had Doru Cosei as guest who is a farmer himself and also a Deputy in the County Council, responsible for the Agriculture sector in Caras-Severin county.

Doru pointed out that his region has a long tradition in agriculture and you can find many family-owned farms, the area being not heavily industrialized. Although having a long tradition in farming, people are not so familiar with the concept of Social farming yet. Doru suggested that the transition to social farming is not difficult to make, because farmers are very hospitable and they usually receive a lot of unexpected tourist because of the various hiking and trekking routs that pass near their farms. People only need instructions and examples of good practice, to motivate and help them see the benefits of social farming.

With the area also being an important touristic hub of the country, Doru thinks that Social farming goes hand in hand with Tourism and both the farmers and businesses operating in tourism could massively benefit from this relationship. Also, it would be of great help for people with disabilities or with other difficulties to find a welcoming place to work and spend time.

Doru sees a bright future for Social farming in his area, the local government offering total support for farmers in the upcoming years, both by providing information and lines of financing.

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